About Tom Meyers

Tom Meyers has always had a love for animals, especially horses, but like most never considered the possibility of working with them professionally. All that changed in 1990, when he suffered a fracture of his C5-6 vertebrae and a ruptured disk at L5-S1 while working as a wild firefighter in Alaska.

“I was in a lot of pain and conventional human therapies were only marginally helpful. Because of my passion and work with horses, I knew that some vets were using laser therapy on them with great results. So even though it was not yet approved for human use, I tried it on myself.”

The laser therapy helped Tom so much he decided to switch careers and learn about treatments that could help equine athletes perform at their very best.

While in Alaska, Tom worked with Dr. Mark May, a small animal vet, a dog musher and the son of an Iditarod champion. Dr. May and Tom used laser therapy to treat injured and post-operative animals that were not healing well and they had excellent results.

Even more convinced of the usefulness of laser therapy, Tom decided to leave Alaska and further his experience and education in California.

“When I got to California I worked at racetracks and attended clinics to learn everything I possibly could about equine athletes, they’re muscle development, care and treatments for their soft tissue injuries.”

During this time Tom was introduced to the Jack Meagher system of stress point therapy for horses by Robert Altman, a system he uses today.

From the racetracks and racehorses, Tom became more involved with the hunter-jumper world; where he had the opportunity to work some of the sports top Veterinarians and therapists. One vet in particular, Dr. Mary Brennan, had a huge impact on Tom’s approach to treating horses.

“I credit a lot of my success is Dr. Mary Brennan.  She is also a chiropractor and she taught me about holistic medicine and TCM.”

Over the next several years Tom worked with equine athletes in all disciplines: Western, Arabian, Hunter-jumpers, Three-day Eventers and Dressage. However, it was the world of Dressage that became his calling. Tom has been at the heart of the United States Dressage world since 1995 when he worked his first Olympic and World Equestrian Games and he hasn’t missed one yet. And he has worked at Aachen in 1999, 2003 – 2005, and 2007 – 2015. Tom was also the U.S. team physiotherapist for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, 2008 Hong Kong Olympics, the 2012 London Olympics and the 2006, 2010and 2014 World Games.

As a result Tom has worked with some of the United States top equestrian athletes and their riders, four-time Olympian Steffen Peters, two-time Olympian and U.S. Equestrian Federation’s Developing Dressage Coach, Debbie McDonald and Courtney King.

“I am honored to have some of the most talented horses and riders as my clients. I have had the pleasure to work with amazing horses such as Steffen Peters 1996 Olympic Mount Udon, he’s 2008 and 2012 Olympic mount Ravel and Legolas.
In my experience, all horses benefit from equine therapy.”

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