Tom has been my Equine Therapist for 17 years. My horses benefit greatly from his work, especially by freeing any tension or soreness out of tired muscles. The effects are immediate, resulting in more suppleness and a happier attitude to work after a treatment. Tom has helped me and my equine partners to compete successfully at four Olympic games four World Cups and two World Equestrian Game.

Steffen Peters—Member of the 1996 and 2004 Olympics/Team Bronze Medal 2006 World Equestrian Games/Team Bronze

Tom is amazing. He is one of the best physiotherapist I’ve ever had work on my horses. He can quickly assess what is going on in the horses’ body and address the issues. My horses have felt suppler and less muscle fatigued after Tom has worked on them. With his knowledge he is able to work closely with both the horse and rider to help them succeed. He understands how to help top performing athletes achieve their best.

Christine Traurig—Member of the 1996 Olympics/Team Bronze Medal/ 2000 Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year and current USET Young Dressage Horse Coach

I have known and worked with Tom for over 17 years. We first met at a horse show when I had a horse with a sore back. Tom not only worked wonders with his hands, but also introduced me to my first Magnetic Blanket by Respond. Not too long after that, Tom worked on my horses with the Respond Laser and I found that with the two systems my horses felt so much better after long trailer rides.
 Tom has traveled with the US Team and spent many long hours working to keep all of our horses happy and relaxed. You will never find a horse that doesn’t love him and for that matter a human as well! He is a master at working soreness out and relaxation in. Now when I travel I bring my Respond Magnetic Blanket and Laser knowing that I am giving my horses the best that I possibly can.

Debbie McDonald—Member of the 2002 World Equestrian/ Silver Medal Team, and 2004 Olympic Team/ Bronze medal/ 2008 Olympics and current U.S. Equestrian Federation's Developing Dressage Coach

There is no better horse physiotherapist than Tom. He has been instrumental in both my training business and in my US Team pursuits. Our horses love him and they feel incredible after his work. Beyond his physio work, Tom also has an abundance of high performance knowledge that makes him an incredible resource for equine management. I feel fortunate to know Tom and I'm grateful for all that he has done for me and my horses.

Susan Treabess—Winterhaven Dressage, FEI trainer and 2010 World Equestrian Game US Team Member

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