“In my experience, all horses benefit from equine therapy.”

TSM Equine Therapies uses a combination of massage, acupressure, laser and pulsed magnetic field (PMF) blanket therapies (Respond System’s Bio-Pulse Sentry).

The laser and PMF therapies help by increasing the size of the lymphatic ducts and through dilation of the arteries. This increases blood flow without increasing heart rate. We use the Respond Luminex vet Class 3 B cold laser which has an 8 laser diode super pulsed 500milli watt head and a 904 nm wave length, it also has a one watt probe at 808 nm wave length both pulsed or continues wave. The laser penetrates into the deep muscle and soft tissues to get excellent results in both soft tissue healing and maintenance of muscles for the equine athlete. Once this is accomplished, we check the muscles for any unreleased muscle or spasms and uses direct pressure or massage strokes to complete the session.

“I have designed treatments that induce the horse to release its own endorphins – a natural painkiller from the brain that relax the horse during the course of my treatments. My treatment also aids the nervous horse in relaxing before competition.”

Horses are very expressive during Tom’s treatment sessions. As tension is released from their bodies, they will lick their lips, yawn, stretch, (Tom has even had horses do a deep downward dog yoga stretch!) and they will often even fall asleep.







Bio-Pulse Sentry Blanket

20150924_untitled_0302The Bio-Pulse Blanket help to alleviate soreness in the back from stiffness, arthritic conditions or hard work. It has also proven highly affective for relieving pain and increasing healing for ligament, tendon, muscle or bone injuries and poor circulation. The Bio-Pulse Blanket is used by our U.S. Equestrian Teams.

Product Features include:

  • Mesh sheet has 14 coils including hamstrings and inside stifle coils
  • Computerized control has 6 frequencies PLUS scan
  • Bright LED on each coil flashes with each pulse
  • Low battery indicator
  • System fault indicator

The Bio-Pulse Deluxe 4000 Blanket includes:

  • Mesh sheet so your horse stays cool
  • Integrated design so cables remain hidden
  • Light weight lithium-ion battery pack-up to 20 treatments
  • Charger for overnight battery recharge-use in 110V or 220V
  • Tote bag for easy transport
  • Rare earth magnet for quick coil testing
  • One year warranty covers entire system
  • Built in 30 minute timer
  • Video and user guide for quick start

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