Meyers Horse Watch

Meyers Horse Watch watches over your equine athlete while you are sleeping.

Everyone knows that going to horse shows can be stressful on your equine athletes and a lot can happen at night when you aren’t there to watch over them.

We take the welfare and security of your horse seriously.

Meyers Horse Watch performs hourly stall checks throughout the night. We note on the horses stall card whether your horse is sleeping, standing, eating or restless. We take care of the small things such as filling a water bucket, straightening a blanket and tossing in an extra flake of hay. If your horse needs help we are there to call you and/or the show vet to ensure a quick and positive outcome.

Meyers Horse Watch was formerly known as Elite Horse Watch, owned and run by Jon Zucker for 20 years. Jon started Elite Horse Watch after a serious security issue happened late one night at a horse show. Over the 20 years that Jon ran Elite Horse Watch he was in high demand at all the top level Dressage shows. A trusted figure, he traveled all over the world providing security at numerous Olympic and World Equestrian Games.

Tom and Jon became close friends as they supported numerous national horse shows and US Teams at the Olympics, Aachen, and World Equestrian games. In 2013, Jon’s health forced him retire. As a result, it was a natural transition for Tom to take over the business.

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